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Animal (Pets) and Equine Reiki (Horse) Trainings (Online)

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We Love Our Fur and Feather Babies!

Animal Reiki Practitioner's Program

Equine Reiki Practitioner's Program

Animal Reiki Practitioner's TRAINER Program

Welcome to our Online College-Level Animal (Pet) Reiki and Equine Reiki (ER) programs, as well as our NEW Animal Reiki Practitioner Trainers' Program! Whether you want to give that extra care to your cat/s or dog/s, birds, horses, barnyard animals or wildlife, you can embrace your Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification and Equine Reiki (Horse) Practitioner Certification with us from anywhere in the world, thru trainings provided by us and our associate, Animal Reiki World.  All our programming is online!  We now also offer our new TRAINERS program, so once you have your Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification and some experience, you can proceed to become a trainer of other animal lovers in your community by taking the next level of training.

Our programming also assists Animals in Zoos and Refuges around the World!

From Animal Reiki Practitioner Graduates!

"I really appreciated the info regarding treatment forms, professional ethics info and business information. I would definitely recommend this course and I am happy to have a more formal way of demonstrating some educational experience! I was REALLY happy to find out that not only was there such a thing as an Animal Reiki Course available, but that it could be taken online!" Linda

"The Animal Reiki Practitioner course was great! It was full of the knowledge I need to continue working with animals. Great handouts to help you along - I printed many of them out and put them in a binder for easy access during a session." Tanya - Alberta

An Equine Practitioner Student!

"I have started watching the videos on horses. I did two sessions on my mare because she has always been nervous... and wow her changes are drastic, even the horse trainer stated that they do not know what has happened in the way that she has calmed down... I thought this was nice to share with you. She will be going to a show this weekend, and I'm going to do some Reiki on her, as I know travels stress her out." Sofia

  • We provide Tutoring/Mentoring during and following your training (the cheaper trainings provide none)
  • We provide credibility at the national and international level
  • We ensure that your training is a high quality College Level training
  • We guide you through starting your own business
  • We ensure that you feel supported and encouraged through your training
  • You will receive your Animal Reiki and Horse/Equine Practitioner Certificates through regular mail, appropriately signed and sealed

Reasons Animal Reiki Helps!

  • It provides deep relaxation.
  • It helps your animals sleep better.
  • It helps any animal feel safer and more secure.
  • An animal can be calmed and balanced following a trauma or because of PTSD.
  • It balances all their energy systems so your animals' health will improve.
  • It ensures that chronic illness does not settle in or is more easily released.

We are very enthusiastic about sharing our amazing programs.  We believe these trainings will eventually end up helping millions of animals world-wide.

Membership Considerations

You can join the following organizations upon graduation.  In the latter case there are additonal reports to complete.

  • Reiki Healing Association
  • International Association of Reiki Professionals
  • Canadian Reiki Association

There are likely more associations in your community that will support your practice

Course Outline

Four ways to study with us:


Option ONE

If your only interest is the Animal (Pet) Reiki Practitioner Certification, you can sign up to this training here. 


Sign-up here



Option TWO 

Animal Reiki Practitioner TRAINERS' Program is now here!  

The Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification is a prerequisite to the Animal Reiki Practitioner TRAINERS' Certification.

Learn to train others to become Animal Reiki Practitioners in your own community or in-person anywhere in the world!

Help other Animal Lovers to become Animal Reiki Practitioners! Earn back your student fees by offering one or two trainings.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions!

We have a 30% off sale until April 30th!

Prerequisite: Animal Reiki Practitioner Training


Sign-up here



Option THREE

Animal Reiki is a prerequisite to the Equine Reiki Practitioner Certification. So, you can begin with our general ONLINE Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification for pets such as dogs and cats. Here you will learn Level I and II Reiki specific to Animals. An independent Animal Reiki Practitioner Certificate will be provided for you.


Sign-up here


You will then be ready to enter the ONLINE Equine Reiki (ER) Practitioner Certification training.  At your request, we will send you the sign-up page through email.  If you have already studied with us and wish to proceed with Equine (Horse) Reiki, please contact us and speak with your tutor.  A two (2) payment installment plan is available when you are ready, please speak with your tutor.


Option FOUR


Two Practitioner Certificates

Both the Animal Reiki Practitioner Program and the Equine Reiki (ER) Practitioner Program are placed together so you can receive all the essential Reiki training in the first course and then follow through with the Equine/Horse specialization portion immediately thereafter.  This option provides you with a $50 fee reduction.


Sign-up here

A 3 payment installment plan is available.  Please email us.


Our programs are Audio–Visual and FUN and EASY to follow online.  


Our first course, Animal Reiki Practitoner Program for Pets is available to you online for four months.  Yet, you could complete it in 1 weekend, 2-3 weeks or 2-4 months part time to complete it… the choice is yours! Upon completion of the program you will be provided your Animal Reiki Practitioner Certificate through the Canadian School of Naturotherapies and Spiritual Development.

Whether you are already a Reiki Level I graduate, a Reiki practitioner or Teacher, or someone who simply heard about a way to help their dog or the animals at their nearby SPCA, you are eligible to take this course. If you are younger than 18 you simply need to have a parent/guardian send us an email and we’ll work out an age appropriate protocol for you.

We want everyone to have access to this marvelous healing and loving tool known world-wide as REIKI.

Our second course, Equine Reiki (ER) Practitioner Program is available to you online for six months. In this case you must be over 18 to complete this training.

If you are as excited as we are about our Animal Reiki Training and want to start the ONLINE Animal Reiki Practitioner Certificate Training NOW… 

Sign-up here

Reiki is one of the most incredible and wondrous gifts you can give any

animal on earth!

For a look inside your online classroom, please have a look here.


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"Of all the courses I've taken over the years, for work and for personal growth, this has been (by far) the most powerful and I feel it's opened a door to a whole new world for me and all the animals on my farm. I think this training is just the beginning of where I'm going with Reiki."  

Jane A. - British Columbia, Canada

"This program has been transformative at so many levels. My pets are happier and healthier, my sense of personal accomplishment has been incredible and my Reiki has deepened immeasurably. I have made new friends, both animal and human, which I hadn't anticipated. My overall sense of empathy and intuition have grown enormously."


"I want to thank you so much for YOUR support and attention through this process, and the opportunity to grow. Your words of encouragement have meant so much. I will cherish, remember and respect this process every time I look at my certificate. It has been such a gift."

S. Rose -  Ontario, Canada

"I really liked the feel of the course. I loved how it felt like I was sitting in a classroom listening to a teacher as she went through the presentation slides. But I was able to do it from the comfort of the living room :) The dowloadable attachments are also excellent so I will be able to refer back to them if needing a refresher."

Bailey C. - Ontario, Canada


We care as much as you, and that is why we are meeting now! Our instructors have pets or larger animals in their care that they adore and we have also been concerned for the welfare of animals around the world. With Reiki you can offer your love and support from where you are sitting right now to an animal far away or while you are sitting holding your own beautiful family pet.


Karen Bigelow commented on a link The Canadian School of Naturotherapies and Spiritual Development shared.

Karen wrote:  "My dog had a big tumor growing out of her foot and was scheduled for sugery to remove part of her foot. She a Reiki session before and the tumor got smaller and in 10 days it was gone."

"I was shocked when I first noticed it was getting smaller and no longer bleeding. she was a border collie so I wondered if she would lie still while the woman did her session but she settled right in and stayed quiet for the treatment. She only had 2 sessions...the vet suggested she have a second session once it started to reduce."

Assignment Example:  Why I chose to study animal Reiki!  

By Lisa Polegatto

"Animals have always been important in my life. I can always remember having a pet from a young age, mostly cats and dogs. I always wanted a horse, although I never had one, I had friends that did and had exposure to horses through them.   At first I recall we had may dogs, one at a time, as a young girl growing up in the country. Then it was time for cats in my life. My son loves animals too. We had cats, dogs and a rabbit when he was young. It was when my son was ten years old that we rescued our current furry friend, "Whiskey".  Her name is ironic since I am allergic to liquor. Thankfully I am not allergic to my dog. Whiskey is a Golden Retriever who has a golden heart and teaches me much about unconditional love, compassion and caring.  Having allergies has meant I have taken allergy attacks of which Whiskey has been a great help with keeping me aware and awake at times when I was going into reaction. She is a blessing to me and I want to help her the many ways she helps me."
"After being in a car accident a few years ago and going through many conventional healing methods, it was time to try alternative healing methods. In doing research and discovering how to heal yourself, I came across Reiki. I had heard of Reiki before but didn't realize you could do Reiki with Animals. I thought it only dealt with people. While that interested me, I find people can be so judgemental.  Once I found out I could spend time with animals instead to do Reiki I was hooked. I started reading and learning and haven't looked back. Reiki has also provided me with stress relief and inner wisdom. I work at a highly demanding job which leaves me pretty tired out by the end of the week helping people."
"Reiki is a way I can spend time with animals and re-energize myself in the process. It is a win-win situation. When daily self treatment is complete for me, it is then time for treatment on my Golden Retriever. It is a great way to strengthen my connection with my furry friend. She has been my teacher in this journey before I realized what journey I was on.  I also do Animal Reiki with my local Wildlife Park so I have many animal teachers. Being humble allows me to learn more from them. The more time I spend with animals the more time I want to spend with them."
"I am truly grateful for having found Animal Reiki at the time in my life when it was needed most. It has opened my heart more to allow more love in in ways that I didn't anticipate and truly appreciate."

To receive updates of any of our course fee reductions in the year ahead please place your email in our newsletter box at the bottom of this page.

We look forward to sharing the amazing Animal Reiki knowledge we know can make a difference!